Sustainability is an Ambitious Goal For Humans.

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Sustainability is an ambitious goal for humans. We do however have a chance to create a sustainable environment that will allow the human race to endure infinitely. To achieve this we must start with sustaining the earth. The earth provides the raw materials, which become commodities, which are used in the development of everything essential to life, including food, water, and shelter. Water, land and air, are the basic foundations of life that can also serve as representative of our resource depletion and sustainability efforts. The intangible coexistent requirement for future sustainability is a strong social or culture environment that will be responsible for developing processes, policies, laws and other mechanisms that will support sustainability. In 1991, Mohan Munasinghe and Ernst Lutz said:

“Sustainable development is an approach that will permit continuing improvements in the quality of life with a lower intensity of resource use, thereby leaving behind an undiminished or even enhanced stock of natural resources and other assets.”

Our goal should be to work toward restoring and maintaining their function and integrity so that their services and human uses can be sustained over the long term. This can be done by incorporating triple bottom line in our personal lives. According to Lozano (2007) the dominant socio-economic paradigm, has led to behaviors that are increasingly pervasive in our society today. We as individuals should set goals that will help restore our global ecosystem, foster healthy living and reduce our impact on the local environment. We should look at our activities and consider some of the not-so-positive ways in which we impact the future and the globe. We should view in a new way the daily decisions we make about energy use, water consumption, recycling, transportation and food.

The first green revolution was considered a failure in terms of environment because did not work alongside nature. It failed because of bad governance. The small farmers were eventually left behind and were not able to get assistance with their farms. Their voices were not heard. The voices of the people who bought the larger farms were heard instead. Alongside this new pollutants arrived such as pests, petroleum, fertilizers, etc… the green revolution turned out to be a failure, they did not listen and take heed to nature and the local farmers.

Green 2 revolution is a good idea because hopefully they have learned from past mistakes and are more keen to understanding and realizing what truly needs to be done to sustain. Perhaps this time they will work alongside nature. According to Rogers there are five elements for the new green 2 revolution. They are:

“1. A redistributive policy that favors the poor by providing them access to land and modern inputs.

2. Increased public funding for less favorable agricultural land.

3. Increased attention to the needs of small holder farms and landless laborers, including credit.

4. Increased investment in rain fed agricultural areas in both Asia and Latin America.

5. Decentralized agricultural research, development, and extension systems focusing on particular issues such as soil and water management”(Rogers, 2008)
These are very sound elements and if put to use correctly should be very successful. They need to work alongside nature as well as the local people…what will sustain the environment yet sustain the people too!

According to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, the purpose of environmental sustainability is to “foster and promote the general welfare, to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony and fulfill the social, economic, and other requirements of the present and future generations”. To achieve this goal, it is vital for us to always apply the triple bottom approach. Nowadays, living a “green” life is the talk of the day as many people are beginning to realize the consequences of our actions to the environment. Despite all the growing scientific evidence of the detrimental effects of some of our social and economic activities to the environment, a significant number of people continue to deny the effects of global warming for ideological reasons. For us to achieve the goal of sustainability, we all need to look past our ideological differences and focus on the scientific evidence presented before us.

The Green Revolution is a concept that was employed to increase the produce of farmers in developing countries, so as to fight the famine that was a plaque to some developing countries in the world. Despite the fact that it improves the social and economic status in those countries like India and Mexico through an increase in food production, it had its drawbacks on the environment. The use of fertilizers and pesticides led to an increase in soil and water pollution. These countries depended on primitive water sources for drinking and irrigation like “wells”, streams, and rivers. These water sources got polluted by the chemicals for the fertilizers and pesticides, thereby destroying marine life and other elements of the ecosystem like the nitrogen fixing bacteria which are essential in recycling some of the elements required to sustain human life. Repeated use of the same piece of farm coupled with the chemicals and land slide due to irrigation led to soil infertility; “shifting cultivation” wasn’t practiced anymore. The use of a few genetically engineered seeds and chemicals led to decrease in crop diversity.

As a consequence of the Green Revolution, there is a steep increase in the world’s population today. The new challenge to the world is to sustain this rapidly growing population. To do so, we need to explore the field of research and technology which is the main idea behind the Green II Revolution. I believe we can handle these challenges by implementing the concepts of Green II Revolution. To me, Green II Revolution is a good idea. Besides the fact that it minimizes the drawbacks of the Green Revolution and to cope with the demands of the rising population, effective investment in research and biotechnology will create jobs and other social and economic benefits to the people and the community as a whole. By constantly striving for better techniques and production of more humane and environmentally friendly pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation methods, we can sustain our environment. Knowing that the ecosystem is dynamic, and that every action we take has its pros and cons, we can maintain the welfare of humans without destroying our environment by maintaining a balance between our social, economic, and environmental activities.

A pessimistic view during the green revolution was that the Malthusian catastrophe would occur. However, these predictions have failed to materialize. Hiis prediction of impending famine did not prove self evident. The world’s population had doubled by 1923 and doubled again by 1973 without fulfilling Malthus’ prediction. Mathusian view that “population cannot increase without the food to support it” is true but the technological advancements allow the human race to produce more food. A Malthusian Paul R. Ehrlich, in his 1968 book The Population Bomb, said that “India couldn’t possibly feed two hundred million more people by 1980” and “Hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs.” Ehrlich warnings failed to materialize when India became self-sustaining in cereal production. Ehrlich states in his book the following. “As the most powerful nation in the world today, and its largest consumer, the United States cannot stand isolated. We are today involved in the events leading to famine; tomorrow we may be destroyed by its consequences.” Even though the food production dilemma has been solved, Ehrlich said in an interview that George W. Bush was his environmental nightmare.
The scarcity of food due to increased population has been a concern even before the times today of larger populations. Malthusian documents, “at Nookie Sound, in the year 1794, fish had become very scarce and bore an exorbitant price; as, either from the badness of the season or from neglect, the inhabitants had experienced the greatest distress for want of provisions during winter.” Some will always be pessimistic about our sustainability. In many ways pessimism is needed, for this view may have driven India to solve their food problem rather than ignore it.

In conclusion, the basic problem of the Green revolution was the absence of the triple bottom line approach which must be balanced environmentally, economical and socially. In addition, institutions failed. Governments gave preferential treatment to large farmers. The degradation of the land, the increasingly unequal distribution of income and increase in poverty all lead to threats to peace and security. Green revolution was good but emphasized more on the economic. It maximized the economic at the detriment of the environment and social implications. Sustainable development must be enduring. Another factor that affected the Green revolution was unequal distribution of products between the poor and rich countries. They developed countries contributed more in terms of technology and consumed more than what is required. Green 2 was more even in their distribution of the worlds wealth. Rogers viewed population growth would not be a significant factor in environmental degradation. Many Malthus believers thought that population would be the failure of that era. In fact it was institutional rules that initiated the failure and created poverty and imbalances in income not the population growth.

Thomas Woodfin is an expert article writer. Achieving sustainability [] occurs through the process of sustainable development – discovering, adopting, implementing, establishing, and adjusting appropriate institutions, policies, strategies, and technologies to produce a just transition that moves society toward the envisioned idealized state of existence. Democracy [] is often viewed in the same way, as a process of working toward the ideal.

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It is much easier to find a firm that provides web design solutions than it is to discover a company that offers the solutions you need. There are some extremely vital points to think about when you are looking for the best web design business. This is since not all internet designers are equal. In this post I will describe several of the important things you must think about when you are trying to find a web design business. One of the important things you need to look for in the web design services you acquisition is their experience degree. You want somebody that recognizes modern technology and exactly how it works. When you work with a firm they ought to have a lengthy list of clientele that has a wide array of experience degrees. If you hire somebody with no expertise in site maintenance you might be in for a discourteous awakening. There are a lot of things that might fail in between your site and also your customers, and you don’t wish to put your fingers because type of circumstance. An additional point to consider when searching for web design services is whether or not they supply branding support. Branding takes place on a web site and in the copywriting on your web sites and it is essential to have a firm who can aid you in creating and also executing your branding plan. A great solution will likewise include developing websites with Search Engine Optimization in mind, which indicates they recognize what key phrases your potential clients are most likely to make use of in order to discover you. A great solution will also have experience in incorporating social media sites into your web sites marketing strategy. They ought to have the ability to take care of all facets of website development, web site branding, and social media combination perfectly. An additional element that requires to be thought about when searching for web design solutions is whether they give internet site designs that target your particular market. If you aren’t targeting the right target market then your business isn’t mosting likely to create the sort of earnings it deserves. The factor this is such a crucial factor to consider is because many times the types of individuals that are interested in your services and products will be entirely uninformed of your brand. Because of this, it’s essential that your company has a website that targets your targeted customer base. Most notably, you require website design that enhance your conversion rate, particularly when utilizing the approaches of SMO, or seo. Your CRM software application should additionally be included as component of the bundle. Numerous web design solutions supply CRM abilities in addition to Search Engine Optimization as well as social media optimization solutions. Before picking a company, take the time to compare quotes and also packages from a number of various companies. Make certain that the plans and quote offerings match what you require for your company. You should additionally ask the business you are considering if they use any kind of assurances and reimbursements for website design as well as branding efforts. When you prepare to start integrating Search Engine Optimization and also other digital advertising and marketing techniques right into your business, ensure you have a great fit with the internet designer that you pick. You want your branding efforts to match your intechnic objectives. It is necessary that you compare quotes and also packages to discover the one that finest fits your needs. Your CRM, intechnic and also site will all contribute to your success, yet if you have a solid brand name, you’ll definitely profit.

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Growing your business is a process and, it requires a lot of commitment. There is a lot that is always going to influence what you’re doing and therefore, you want to make sure that you have taken it seriously. There are factors of success and you want to investigate all of them. There are business leadership experts that you can use today. Today, you have business leadership experts that have an understanding on how to help you to grow your business. You will want to go-ahead and find the best business leadership experts that will be able to help you throughout the whole process. One of the things that you would want to do is to find a business leadership expert who understands more about the different issues of performance. Today, there is a business leadership expert who is able to help you if you are in West Hartford. this expert is going to provide an opportunity to understand more because he has been able to get all the knowledge. He’s an expert will be able to provide you with marketing perspectives. Getting to know the strategies that are going to help you to promote your business is going to be possible and therefore, it is going to be a very critical issue of consideration for you. One of the things that you will also want to do is to make sure that you’re going to consider the experts because this is the person who will save you money.

The business expert has a big business understanding on technology. There are levels of benefits that you’re able to get from technology are very high and, it provides you with high levels of benefits. You’ll be able to do things in a much faster way because of this . It will also help you to grow your business which is a very critical factor. The expert help that you going to get through and through is going to be one of the biggest advantages that you’re going to enjoy as well. this is a leading consultant that helps you to understand more about business leadership. The Jasdeep Singh ct is definitely a very strong program that is going to be used today.

When you look at is LinkedIn, you’re able to see that he was able to get his education scholarship and that has been very helpful in business. It is providing them with an opportunity to always help out many other people, you can click for more to know about this . You definitely able to save quite a lot because of what he is going to give you.